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Who Can Trade?
Everyone to Everyone (E2E) / Anyone to Anyone (A2A)
CrowdBucks takes the proven Business-to-Business (B2B) "Trade Exchange" concept to the next logical level by allowing anyone to buy and sell anything (legal) to anyone else -- without the need to use traditional cash.
CrowdBucks uses a simple yet powerful digital currency management system to enable instant, hassle free transactions anywhere, even if you don't have a current bank account or credit card.
Simply sell what you have (or what you do), to any other member in the network and use the CrowdBucks (Trade Dollars) that you get in exchange to buy anything you want - from anyone else in the network. ~ What Goes Around Comes Around ~
Business to Business (B2B)
Membership in the Trade Network enables small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) to attract and retain new customers, save cash, increase profits and access a unique source of interest-free financing.
Active businesses can register in both the CrowdBucks Trade Network and the Corporate Trade Network Marketplaces, and can buy and sell directly to both consumers and other businesses in the network.
Talk to us today and find out how you can best leverage the CrowdBucks Trade Network to increase your bottom line.
Basic Membership in the CrowdBucks Trade Network is free for both individuals and businesses.