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Now Is The Time!

We're looking for Partners, Sponsors, CoFounders, Advisors, and Founding Members for our new, online Social Initiative, a "For the People, By the People", Crowdsourcing platform. 

The new platform will primarily target Networkers and Digital Natives, along with the Ninety-Nine percent of People on the Planet that often do not have a meaningful voice in their own affairs.

We currently have three core tiers in our N-Crowd meta-project, so people can choose to get involved in one or more areas depending on their interests.

Each tier of the project is intended to address a separate issue, with each tier being independent but able to leverage services from the other tiers, as well as from all types of external services, using an integrated API/Logic layer to integrate various blockchains and other data sources, interfaces, AI, etc.

An overview of the various tiers is as follows:

N-Tier is a sophisticated Technical platform for building and hosting advanced Web3 Websites and leveraging Next-gen Distributed Systems.

N-Crowd is a multi-faceted Social platform for Teams and Communities to virtually Co-operate and Collaborate, and will also support our Hosting and Crowdsourcing related services.

CrowdBucks is a comprehensive Monetary and Economic platform for Decentralized Trade and Commerce within and between all types of Crowds and Communities.

You can review the individual project overviews using the Linkedin-based links below.

http://bit.ly/N-Tier -- Computing Without Limits
Technical Tier - for Developers

http://bit.ly/N-Crowd -- Now Is The Time ~ Join The Crowd!
Social Tier - for NetWorkers & Collaborative Communities

http://bit.ly/CrowdBucks -- The Social Currency
Economic Tier - for Trade & Commerce

Current Status:
We're still getting underway and are currently not funded. We have no formalized business plan and expect each tier of the project to evolve organically according to the wisdom of the crowd, as is common with most other open-source projects. Our initial business model is also similar to other open-source projects, as outlined in the project overviews.

Our partnership idea is flexible at this stage and depends partially on what you are looking for. As an ongoing open-source project, all development partners would be working independently and would contribute whatever each person feels is most valuable to the overall project.

Blockchain and other Decentralised Technologies will help represent a stake in the new venture, as well as being integrated into our core platform in multiple ways. As a member-owned Virtual Corporation operating as a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO), each member will have a say in what the organization does, as well as share in generated revenues, etc. 

We have an initial prototype system setup that we can use as a starting place for moving things forward, and we anticipate the project taking multiple paths and including a variety of options, etc.

If you believe a better future is possible - Join The Crowd!

Many different kinds of assistance are needed to help build a strong platform and reach our full potential, so what type of resources and how you want to contribute is primarily up to you.

Get IN!

We hope to officially launch our new service soon, in the meantime please join our Linkedin Groups and invite others to do the same.

If you are interested in getting involved with the development and/or promotion of any part of the N-Crowd project, please contact us, and we would be happy to discuss ways of collaborating and joining forces.

You are also invited to join our related Linkedin groups:

N-Tier : linkedin.com/groups/8521061/

N-Crowd : linkedin.com/groups/6625788

CrowdBucks : linkedin.com/groups/4788592

You can also connect on Skype at "N-Crowd"