N-Crowd Business Model 

The N-Crowd business model is based on the traditional open-source model of providing a basic package for little or no cost, and selling related services for profit.

The business plan will focus on locating strategic clients that share a need to organize and collaborate, and provide them with a low-cost Enterprise Portal platform that can quickly meet their organizational needs. (Loss leader or low profit initially) 

Revenues will be generated by offering advanced IT services and operation-specific customization, 3rd-party application integrations, etc. Additional sources of revenue may come from hosting fees, transaction fees, software development, advertisers and sponsors, etc.

N-Crowd Advantages

N-Crowd will build our business around deploying, integrating, customizing, and supporting cost-effective, open-source software. 

We offer a complete hosted (or self-hosted) web portal platform that can be customized to meet a wide variety of specific needs. 

Our services leverage best-of-class open-source software, along with key aspects of existing and emerging social networks to offer a flexible platform that enables anyone to run a sophisticated and highly customizable web presence.

Our focus is on a web-hosting and related expert services revenue model, offering Enterprise-class portal functionality (for businesses, NGO's, groups, communities, individuals, etc.) for typically less than the cost of current website hosting, with substantially more functionality.

N-Crowd portals allow clients to create their own virtual communities (called Crowds) and empowers teams to create a shared web presence while providing a variety of collaborative tools (blogs, wikis, calendars, tasks, alerts, document sharing, newsletters, polling, etc.) to their virtual community. 

The core N-Crowd platform is currently based in part on the open-source Liferay Portal, and includes leveraging many other free and best-of-class, open source tools. (like Linux, PostgreSQL, Mulesoft, N2N, Docker, Kubernetes, Blockchains, etc.)

The N-Crowd platform will also be leveraged to provide our own federated CrowdSourcing services through a variety of vertical marketplaces.

N-Crowd is intended to operate as a fully decentralized B-Corporation that shares profits with all stakeholders in a fully transparent and equitable process.