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Our valued team of Advisors help to guide us in the ongoing evolution of our new social-economic ecosystem and ensure that our services consistently provide maximum value to our Members.  


Neil Peters - CEO Neil Peters 

Neil Peters is Founder of CrowdBucks.com and Partner & CTO at The Corporate Trade Network Inc.

Neil is a seasoned business veteran and serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in multiple facets of the Information Technology industry, ranging from the design and implementation of custom business solutions to international corporate sales, business development, and senior management roles.

Neil's professional career began working in a technical role with IBM and has since worked in a variety of IT focused areas including; hardware & software integration, software design & development, networking, sales & marketing, and business development. Neil has a unique and extensive mix of technical and business-related skills which assist him in ensuring innovative and effective solutions to complex issues. 

You can view Neil's profile on LinkedIn


   Thomas H. Greco, Jr

Thomas H. Greco, Jr. is an economist, educator, writer, researcher, and consultant, who, for more than 20 years, has been working at the leading edge of transformational restructuring.  His research and analysis of economic and monetary structures, and his experience living in intentional communities have prepared him to serve as a mentor and guide to groups and communities seeking to create socio-economic structures which allow them to live sustainably in harmony with the earth and with each other.

His extensive research of money and finance has led to the development of a variety of trading mechanisms and financial arrangements which provide for more harmonious relationships and a more equitable distribution of wealth.

Thomas writes and speaks on the subject of free market alternative currency and monetary systems. Besides his frequent presentations and interviews, he has served as an adviser on the creation of monetary alternatives and local currency systems.  He is an expert in survey research and has conducted numerous studies for professional and trade associations, including the design of questionnaires, analysis of data, and interpretation of results.

Mr. Greco has extensive teaching experience, including 14 years as a tenured member of the faculty at a major eastern collegiate institution where he taught various courses in Business Administration.  He is known as an innovative teacher, using simulations, case studies, and experiential methods.

He is the Founder/Director of the non-profit Community Information Resource Center (CIRC), which provides information, advice, and support for groups involved in community improvement, social justice, and sustainability.  He is a past President/Trustee of the School of Living, and has organized events such as the Fourth World Assembly and New Economics Symposium in San Francisco in 1987.

He holds that:

"The primary lever of power in today's world is the overly centralized, monopolistic control over money, banking, and finance. Money constitutes the greatest and most acute current problem while being at once the structural domain that is most ready for a transformational shift. It is clear that the best and most promising approaches to liberating economic exchange are in the realm of private, voluntary, free-market initiatives."

He is the author of several books about money, complementary currency, and the debt problem, Money: Understanding and Creating Alternatives to Legal Tender , New Money for Healthy Communities , and Money and Debt:   A Solution to the Global Crisis.   His latest book, The End of Money and the Future of Civilization (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2009), has been widely acclaimed and is available on Amazon - Read the Table of Contents

Thomas Greco articles on monetary theory and how monetary alternatives can empower communities have been published in many publications, including the Whole Earth ReviewWorld Business Academy PerspectivesEarth Island JournalYes! MagazineGreen Revolution, and The Permaculture Activist .

More details and articles are available at his website.   You can view Tom's profile on LinkedIn plus an overview page on Wikipedia, etc.


bernard lietaerBernard A. Lietaer

Bernard Lietaer has been active in the domain of money systems for a period of 25 years in an unusual variety of functions. While at the Central Bank in Belgium he co-designed and implemented the convergence mechanism (ECU) to the single European currency system. During that period, he also served as President of Belgium's Electronic Payment System. His consultant experience on four continents ranges from multinational corporations to developing countries.

He was General Manager, Co-Founder and Chief Currency Trader for the Gaia Hedge Funds, one of the world's largest off-shore trading funds. Its flagship fund Gaia Hedge II was rated as the world's "top performing managed currency fund" and "the top performing off-shore fund" by Micropal Inc. in their survey of 1,800 off-shore funds during the entire period he managed this fund (1987- April 1991). Business Week identified him as "the world's top currency trader" in 1990.

He was Professor of International Finance at the University of Louvain, and visiting professor at several US universities. He is the co-founder and chairman of ACCESS Foundation, an educational non-profit whose objective is to communicate best practices in the domain of complementary currencies . He is currently a Research Fellow at the Center for Sustainable Resources of the University of California at Berkeley (http://www.cnr.berkeley.edu/csrd ); a Visiting Professor at the Finance University under the government of the Russian Federation; a member of the Club of Rome; Fellow at the World Academy of Arts and Sciences; of the European Academy of Arts and Sciences; and of the World Business Academy.

His most recent co-authored books include Rethinking Money (San Francisco; Berrett-Koehler, February 2013); Money and Sustainability: The Missing Link (UK: Triarchy Press, 2012);  People Money: The Promise of Regional Currencies (UK: Triarchy Press, 2012): Au Coeur de la Monnaie (Paris: Editions Yves Michel, 2011) "Creating Wealth" (April 2011); "The Future of Money" (London: Random House, 2001 translated in 18 languages) "Mysterium Geld"(Munich: Riemann Verlag, 1999 translated in six other languages), and Regionalw√§hrungen: Neue Wege zu Nachhaltigem Wohlstand (co-authored with Prof. Margrit Kennedy. Munich: Riemann Verlag, March 2004). 

His very first very first book Financial Management of Foreign Exchange: An Operational Technique to Reduce Risks (Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press, 1969) forecast the floating exchanges of the 1970s. His contributions to inflation management similarly prepared for the inflationary period of the 1970s ("Prepare Your Company for Inflation" Harvard Business Review (September-October, 1970). His Europe &  Latin America &  The Multinationals (London: Praeger, 1979) predicted the Latin American debt crisis of the 1980s. Among his other books are Le Grand Jeu Europe Amerique Latine (Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 1981) and Es una Oportunidad la Deuda? (Mexico: Fondo de Cultura Economica, 1987)

More information about his current work is available on  www.lietaer.com .


Paul Grignon

Paul's career as a professional artist has always been paired with his love of the natural world and, therefore, with environmental activism.  This led into a study of our growth-addicted economic and monetary systems from a contrarian perspective.

In 1997, Paul acquired the means to make digital video.  In 2006, he created Money as Debt, an animated feature which went viral on YouTube, explaining to millions worldwide (now in at least 24 languages) how money is created.

Money as Debt II, Promises Unleashed, followed in 2009, providing a more detailed analysis of the fundamental structural problems of the current system. And in 2011, Paul completed the Trilogy with Money as Debt III, Evolution Beyond Money, a detailed illustration of an inclusive and self-disciplining economy made possible by changing our concept of money.

An illustrated explanation of both the fundamental Problem and the proposed Solution (with links to relevant movie segments) is at Paul's website: moneyasdebt.net



Michael Contardi

Michael Contardi is committed to building and helping sustainable organizations prosper and make a meaningful difference in the world. He is passionate about sustainable community economics and co-creating new models for business and life that are informed by holistic perspectives. 

A social entrepreneur at heart, Michael has helped found a successful clean-tech start-up in the ocean energy industry (www.cleancurrent.com).  

Being passionate about sustainable local economics and monetary reform has led him into the position of President of the non-profit Salt Spring Island Monetary Foundation which administers Salt Spring Dollars (www.saltspringdollars.com) which is one of North America's longest running community currencies.

Specialties: alternative currency; crowdfunding; natural consumer products business development; business and strategic planning; small business development; etc.

You can view Michael's profile on LinkedIn


Troy Goldenthal

Troy Goldenthal is an expert facilitator. He facilitates relationships along with commercial and corporate interactions, helping business owners to reach their personal and business goals. Troy approaches  each alliance with an offer and expectation of mutual benefit and fosters relationships between business owners in partnerships, acquisitions, and new business development.  

As President of Trad Commerce Exchange, Troy helps companies leverage underutilized assets against their expenses. His responsibilities include negotiating strategic partnerships, developing and implementing marketing and promotions, new member acquisition, 3rd party record keeping and facilitating the exchange of goods and services for member businesses. 

You can view Troy's profile on LinkedIn.


Matthew Slater 

Matthew Slater is a full-time nomad/activist focusing on alternative monies and community economy. He has been building open source software for community exchange accounting for 6 years and working closely with LETS, Timebanks and independent community groups to deploy it. He is the creator and maintainer of the 'Community Accounting' module for Drupal, and co-founder of Swiss nonprofit Community Forge. As a nomad, he knows well many of the key figures and projects in the alternative currency movement.


 Norie Huddle

Norie Huddle is an international bestselling author of seven books on the environment and on transforming human civilization. One of her books, Butterfly, is the basis of a global "meme" for guiding humanity's transformation. Norie is highly respected as an interviewer, public speaker, systems thinker, coach, story-teller, organizational and executive consultant, strategist, facilitator, and artist. 

Since 1979, Norie has been the President of the Center for New National Security (CNNS), a small non-profit organization she founded to look for bold new directions for achieving greater national and global security and educating the public about these. She serves on several boards and advisory bodies, including the Union of International Organizations (UIA) based in Brussels.

Norie and her husband, Richard Wheeler, live part-time in Ecuador, where they co-founded the Garden of Paradise, a model of sustainable rural living. In 2011, Norie and Richard won Ecuador's and the world's first lawsuit defending the Rights of Nature - a legal breakthrough experts consider to be on a par with ending slavery as a legitimate institution.  

Norie believes strongly that, to survive and thrive, humanity must now come together quickly to build a transformed global civilization that is peaceful, sustainable, based on respect for Nature, and benefits all. This conviction has guided her work for over 45 years.

For more on Norie and her work, see www.gardenofparadise.net & www.butterflyblessings.net


Gregg RobertsGregg Roberts 

Gregg Roberts has a bachelor's degree in psychology and did some masters level study in social work at the University of Texas at Austin. For a number of years, he studied extensively in the More to Life nonprofit personal development program and taught classes on self-esteem and personal effectiveness. 

In 1985 Roberts began learning of the depredations being committed in the name of democracy by the United States government and its allies around the world. He became a peace and justice activist, working to stop US funding for the Salvadoran death squads and the contra war in Nicaragua. He helped edit a book by former high-ranking CIA officer John Stockwell, who called him "as good as the very best line editors I ever worked with in the top New York publishing houses." 

Shifting to information technology, Roberts went into technical writing and business analysis. Employers included Dell Computer Corporation, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, the Texas Education Agency, and various tech startups (including one that sent him to Japan for 10 weeks).  Former US Senator Mike Gravel, of Pentagon Papers fame, called him "one of the best speechwriters I've ever had." 

The knowledge Roberts gained from his research into what neither the corporate nor Left media tell us about secret wars and false flag attacks has positioned him well to understand the need for innovative, grassroots-empowering alternatives to crony capitalism and the "too big to fail" banking system that it has spawned. He is happy for the opportunity to apply his passion for justice, skill with words, and business experience to deliver the CrowdBucks message.

View Gregg's website


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