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How the Trade Network Works
Barter and Trading have been around for thousands of years, but these age-old methods of exchange have recently changed a great deal mainly due to computers and the Internet. The days of trading chickens directly for a goat (for example) are long gone for most of us. However in a modern commercial trading network, members trade with anyone else in the network who needs their goods and services; in return they receive equal value in trade currency. (1 US $ = 1 Trade $) to be spent with any other member in the network.
Many companies have at one time or another bartered their goods and services in exchange for a product or service from another company. The CrowdBucks Trade Network simply expands on the traditional barter scenario to include the ability to trade your company's goods and services with any network member -- even if you do not directly need what that company offers. Instead of buying and selling using cash, bank transfers or credit cards - trade network members deal in interest-free credits called "trade dollars", and your new customers simply pay you in trade dollars that you can then spend with anyone else in the network.
Connect - Trade - Save
Modern trade is the way entrepreneurial business people get what they need, when they need it, simply by trading their spare capacity or inventory. Trading represents a solution for companies with available inventory or services, to effectively expand their customer base and grow their profits. By accepting payment in trade dollars instead of regular cash, a business can help to maximize their income and efficiency, by increasing inventory turnover or billable hours. Using the trade dollars they earn, a company can purchase the goods or services they want – without spending cash, thereby reducing cash expenditures and maximizing the company's profits.
For example, the owner of a sign company needs to have brochures printed. Instead of paying with cash, he goes to a printer within the trade network and pays the bill with trade dollars. Subsequently, the printer can spend his trade dollars with any other business in the exchange. He does not have to spend them with the sign company, and instead can buy whatever he needs from any other member in the network.
Just about any kind of product or service can be bought and sold using trade. If you want something that is not currently available from a current network member, just let us know and we will do whatever we can to recruit that product or service to the network. As a member-driven organization, the Trade Network integrates the combined strengths of our members into a unique business environment that offers both a business to business (B2B) trading system and a complementary business economic system / economy -- as well as providing a simply better way to do business for many companies.
Trade Network members trade with one another to turn their underutilized capacity into new revenue streams. In return for membership fees and a small cash commission on trades, the Trade Network helps promote each member's products and services, as well as helps to facilitate trades and provides regular transaction statements.
Let us show you how to leverage commercial trade to grow your business.
To find out if becoming a member of the Trade Network would be a good move for your business, feel free to contact us anytime for a free consultation, or visit our Registration page at our Online Trade Exchange website. We would be happy to review your needs and concerns, and help you understand how we can best help you and your business succeed.
"If I had my life to live over again, I would elect to be a trader of goods rather than a student of science. I think barter is a noble thing." ~ Albert Einstein