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The CrowdBucks Commerce platform is designed to support multiple marketplaces -- with each individual marketplace focused on a specific geographical area and/or vertical industry, supply chain, etc. 

Each CrowdBucks marketplace is made up of multiple individual web-shops that are managed by each of the marketplace members, and/or their CrowdBucks agents. The web-shop can be seen as an extension of the CrowdBucks open advertisements service, and adds the ability for people to buy directly from your shop.  Products offered in a web-shop can be found by potential buyers through searching the marketplace advertisements, as well as by searching and browsing through the sellers personal web-shop.

Buyers can add items from any web-shop into their shopping cart. When buyers are done shopping they can checkout the items in their shopping carts and pay for the related items using CBucks, CBcoin, Bitcoin plus a variety of other currencies. The web-shop management interface comes with stock management and automatic product numbering, etc. A member's web-shop can also define delivery information, set discounts for certain products, manage sales and purchases, and much more.

Below is a sample marketplace interface that shows some of the core functionality from a shopper's perspective. This example interface uses a leading eCommerce Marketplace system called Magento to communicate with the CrowdBucks payment system through our API.

Note that this app is currently under development and is shown here for beta-testing and demonstration puposes only. 

Magento Magento

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Here are a few short videos that describe some of the core concepts behind P2P commerce and show how CrowdBucks can work for you.