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Welcome to the CrowdBucks Community 




CrowdBucks is intended to offer a positive alternative to our failing monetary and financial systems. 

Everyone agrees that our current monetary and financial systems appear to be totally out-of-control and in a perpetual state of chaos -- with no clear solutions in sight.
The only true answer to solving the current downward spiral in our failing global economic systems is based on one very simple idea...


There is now a much better way to issue and manage money as opposed to the way our banks have been doing it...  “We The People” can simply create new bottom-up style economies - based on flexible new currency systems that are value-based, can operate interest-free, and offer everyone huge advantages over the outdated, top-down banking systems we are currently using.  
New alternative financial systems are now rapidly emerging, due primarily to the growing cracks and gaps in our current financial systems. These alternative financial systems are being enabled by powerful new technologies such as digital currencies and specialized blockchain-based transaction systems that enable highly efficient peer-to-peer commerce, P2P credit, plus many more transformative financial technologies.
While these emerging financial systems are encouraging signs that meaningful change is underway and provide a good first step in enabling people with better financial options, no real change will ever occur in our currently failing financial systems until such time as a new kind of money is available -- money that enables free and fair trade to occur at every level of our society.  




In today's Web-based economy, people no longer need to rely solely on banking institutions or even on traditional cash and interest-based-credit in order to conduct everyday business transactions. The regular buying and selling of goods and services can be easily conducted in specialized trading networks that utilize a simple private currency system, where “mutual credit” is provided to qualifying members interest-free and expensive bank-based credit is simply no longer the only game in town.



CrowdBucks gives real power back to the people - where it belongs!  By transferring the ability to create and control the currency systems from big banks back to people and the businesses they operate, CrowdBucks enables virtually everyone to take control of their financial future and escape the relentless grip of usury and money at interest. 
We offer a practical alternative to developing useful, fair and inherently sustainable economic systems that are based on need and value, rather than on interest and ever increasing consumption. 
We can't do it alone, so please join us in developing the CrowdBucks concept into a powerful force for positive change. 
Note: Our new CrowdBucks Trading Platform is currently undergoing development and is now signing up beta-testers, so please let us know if you encounter issues, etc. at any time, and we will do our best to help resolve them asap...