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Date: 12/16/15

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Why CrowdBucks?



Help Democratize the Monetary System!

Join the new "Social Economy" 

The Problem:  Our global economic systems appear to be in a state of permanent crisis.
The "too big to fail banks" are doing a lousy job of managing our money supply, and it is now clear that current interest-based financial systems are failing the vast majority of people in virtually every way. Traditional “fractional lending” practices and interest-based money systems ensure that many hard working people will fail, and many more will live in a form of life-long debt slavery that is difficult or impossible to escape.
Today's consumer capitalism demands that the maximum amount of resources will be used in order to make more money for those with the most money. The current consumer mentality that the majority of the world has been successfully brainwashed into believing in, is now squandering the Earth's limited resources at an ever-increasing rate and threatening the very future of the world as we know it.
Ongoing global financial crisis clearly demonstrates that our current financial system is not working and needs to be reformed. Banks typically turn down around half of their loan applications which means that these individuals and struggling companies likely will not get the money they need in order to do business. Even with more or less adequate levels of both supply and demand, business is not getting done in an optimal fashion because of either a lack of money, or the fact that typical interest-based money is simply too expensive.
The Solution: Create Your Own "Interest-Free" Money! is intended to become a flexible, social-economic platform that enables our users to efficiently trade goods and services using a secure “mutual credit”-enabled Marketplace.
CrowdBucks along with many other complementary currencies can now offer a powerful solution to the ongoing economic crisis by allowing people and their businesses to trade and grow without the need for traditional cash or interest-based credit from banks. Large corporations and governments can also utilize this type of cash-less trading system, as a majority of Fortune 500 companies and countries already utilize some type of formalized trade system along-side their regular cash business.
Businesses can apply for a self-issued Line Of Credit, which can be allocated and professionally managed based on performance, etc. Anyone can advertise goods and services in the Open / CrowdSourcing Marketplace. Once they have sold something (either for CB's or cash transactions) they get access to a CrowdBucks “Line Of Credit” that increases with each new transaction. In essence, we provide a small percentage increase in each CrowdBucks Line Of Credit as a “trust recognition” or reward in return for each transaction and proving themselves in the marketplace. 
Anyone can create their own CrowdBucks line of credit simply by conducting business in the CrowdBucks Marketplace. A percentage of each transaction can be used to increase the trading account's LOC.  As the member demonstrates viable business practices by repeatedly trading in the marketplace - using either Cash or CrowdBucks, they gain access to more and more trading power.
A Practical Economic Solution for the 99% 
Our global monetary system has been hijacked by the .01% and can never be reformed, so the only option is to replace the flawed system with a better system. This will never be done by the elites who govern us, so it must be done bottom-up by we the people.
Meaningful economic reform can never occur without implementing a new kind of monetary system, and while a privately issued currency may perhaps seem unconventional to some, such an approach is now considered inevitable by many of the most respected icons of finance and banking, including former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, Alan Greenspan, who recently stated: “I foresee new private currency markets in the 21st century.”
Mervyn King – Governor of the Bank of England recently said: “There is no reason products and services could not be swapped directly by consumers and producers through a system of direct exchange – essentially a massive barter economy. All it requires is some commonly used unit of account and adequate computing power to make sure all transactions could be settled immediately. People would pay each other electronically, without the payment being routed through anything that we would currently recognize as a bank. Central banks in their present form would no longer exist – nor would money.” 
Join Us!
CrowdBucks represents a real opportunity to help change the way the world does business. We are currently at an early stage and are actively seeking partners and investors in order to fully develop this concept.
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