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CrowdBucks delivers a future-proof platform for business on the web. 

From helping communities to develop and integrate flexible "digital currencies" that can stimulate local growth, to providing a framework for CrowdFunding, Micro-Lending, and a global marketplace that offers a smarter way to do business, CrowdBucks helps bring about positive change to our local economies and global economic systems.

CrowdBucks = Collaborative Credit
CrowdBucks = Money 3.0 / Digital Dollars
CrowdBucks = A Value-based Public Marketplace
CrowdBucks = Money For The People ~ By The People
CrowdBucks = Branded Currencies that Transcend Borders
CrowdBucks = The next logical step in the evolution of Social Networking
CrowdBucks = A convenient way to conduct Trade without using Cash
CrowdBucks = CrowdSourcing & CrowdFunding
CrowdBucks = Save Your Cash ~ Save The Planet!
CrowdBucks = A Smarter Way To Do Business.

Our Vision is to enable a fair and sustainable social economic system that works for the 99% and offers a positive alternative for the future of our planet.
Our Mission is to make Money Work For People!     ( instead of just the other way around )
Our Goal is to effectively implement a better kind of Money and help in transitioning to a new value-based economy.
CrowdBucks.com is a grassroots initiative with a mission to change how the world does business. Our trading platform and related services are intended to provide people with valuable economic tools and offer our clients a smarter way to do business.
CrowdBucks offers a powerful, cloud-based Marketplace with a fully integrated Credit and Debit Management system that can be used for trading goods and services, raising cash to fund new projects, facilitating group purchases, rewarding consumers, and many other applications where there is a need to track virtual resources such as points, loyalty rewards, digital vouchers, etc.  Using CrowdBucks as a digital wallet and currency management system is intended to make it easy for users to perform and manage transactions in a variety of specialized marketplaces.
CrowdBucks provides a safe and convenient way for both individuals and businesses to conduct common financial transactions without using regular cash or interest-based credit. We offer a series of sustainable, social-financial services similar in some ways to services currently offered by established banks and credit unions, except that the "currency" is not created and controlled (top-down) by the banks, but directly (bottom-up), by the actual people and organizations that trade their goods and services in a CrowdBucks-enabled marketplace.
CrowdBucks delivers an innovative mix of proven ideas and powerful new technologies that together provide a full range of complementary financial services and can be applied to almost any application currently using more traditional forms of money and finance.
CrowdBucks.com is currently at an early stage of development and we are seeking partners and investors in order to fully develop this concept. We are always interested in working with new associates to develop community projects involving mutual credit clearing networks and other exchange alternatives.
"The fact is that the usury-based, debt-money system must at some point come to an end, either through sudden collapse or gradual disintegration and replacement.  Our job is to prepare and demonstrate the replacement, hopefully before the situation becomes critical. That replacement should be fair and equtable, sustainable, decentralized, and under popular control. That means reclaiming the credit commons and creating private currencies based on local production and local credit clearing exchanges that are networked globally."
~ Thomas H. Greco
If you are an active business and would like to learn more about buying and selling goods and services without using cash, please visit our Corporate Trade Network website.  


For more information please contact us using our contact form