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Discover how CrowdBucks can help you to save your cash and improve your bottom line...

Help Change The Way The World Works

Help Democratize Our Monetary System! CrowdBucks represents a real opportunity to change our broken monetary & financial systems.

A Smarter Way To Do Business !

Buy and sell anything without using bank-issued money.

The Bucks Starts Here !

There's now a much better way to issue & manage money - compared to how banks have been doing it.

Take Control !

Apply for a CrowdBucks Line-of-Credit and/or create your own money.

What Goes Around ~ Comes Around

Learn how to create new value-based currency systems that everyone can use.

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CrowdBucks Overview

Why Trade

Trading with CrowdBucks allows you and your community to exchange goods and services without dipping in to conventional capital. You set the rules for your community, together - you decide what you value and how it's valued, instead of relying upon external market value. When you set up a Trade Network, you can decide what your Trade Dollar means, and how it connects to other kinds of value, like nationally- issued money or cryto-currencies. Using trade instead of cash to purchase needed products and services allows you and others in your Trade Network to lower costs and retain cash money for other purposes, while creating your own economy around the things that you need.

The digital currency value of CrowdBucks Trading Tokens can be conveniently pegged to any nationally-issued currency; (nominally, 1 US $ = 1 Trade Dollar) and/or virtually anything else that makes sense for your trading circle. This enables network members, including businesses, to trade with clarity and confidence. more...

Who Can Trade

Anyone can trade! CrowdBucks provides a way for local communities, business networks and international communities of interest to buy and sell anything, save cash, and create interest-free peer-to-peer financing. CrowdBucks uses a simple yet powerful digital currency management system to enable instant, hassle-free transactions anywhere, even if you don't have a current bank account or credit card. And CrowdBucks is an open, transparent platform which is compliant with national and international law, so you can be confident that your Trade Network is operating legally, ethically and securely.

Active businesses can register in both the CrowdBucks Trade Network and the Corporate Trade Network marketplaces, and can buy and sell directly to both consumers and other businesses in these and other networks which are managed using the CrowdBucks platform. more...

How Trade Works

Commerce and Trade have been around for thousands of years, but the development of the internet has changed how we view methods of exchange, and it's rapidly changing what we're able to do. The days of trading chickens directly for a goat (for example) are long gone for many of us, and the nature and use of money is changing too as electronic money management becomes ever-more common. Now, digital currency enables us to mediate our means of exchange much more effectively and efficiently, and the next step is to take direct control of how we trade with a simple, easy-to-use online platform. By joining a modern Trading Network, we can trade with anyone else in the network who needs the goods or services we can provide. In return, those we trade with receive equal value in digital trade currency to be spent with any other member in the network, even if they don't immediately need the goods or services we provide. And by creating or joining a Trade Network, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can attract and retain customers, save cash, increase profits, and access a unique source of interest-free financing.

To find out if joining or creating a Trade Network would be a good move for your business, feel free to contact us anytime for a free consultation, or visit our Registration page at our Online Trade Exchange website. We would be happy to review your needs, and help you understand how we can best help you and your business succeed. more...


CrowdBucks is the leader in democratizing access to peer-to-peer trading, with a dynamic engine which provides an easy-to-use online social-business platform and marketplace. The CrowdBucks platform is pioneering a new kind of digital currency system for managing transactions online, parallel to a traditional banking system, with innovative features that encourage purchasing power to circulate more effectively within a given region or community. CrowdBucks enables communities to build monetary systems which are open, fair and inherently stable without the need for interest and continuous economic growth. CrowdBucks is a unique approach for our changing times, and the essential partner for community-focused trade.

The amount of currency created depends on the amount of business being conducted within each live network on the CrowdBucks system. How the overall monetary supply within a Trade Network is controlled can be decided using a democratic process amongst network members. more...

Connect with Social Networks



Collaborate with your LinkedIn Contacts and leverage your connections in new ways. Note that we do not store your password(s) and will never share your information or email anyone without your permission.





Collaborate with your Facebook Friends and leverage your connections in new ways. Note that we will not store your password(s) or email anyone without your permission.




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CrowdBucks Advantages

Whether you want to trade locally or globally, CrowdBucks makes it easy for you to buy or sell anything you want, anywhere you want.

  • A smarter way to do business.
  • Create co-operative relationships with business partners.
  • Build new user-driven economies, locally and internationally.
  • A leading-edge approach to digitally-enabled trade.
  • A reliable platform with full technical support.

CrowdBucks Trade Networks are member-driven, based on a platform that offers a unique trading environment.

CrowdBucks is a revolutionary step forward in enabling peer-to-peer trade, enabling people and communities to take control of how they do business. It's an approach for the 99%, an approach to make the 1% redundant.

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The CrowdBucks Commerce platform can be adapted to a wide variety of common trade and business scenarios.

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CrowdBucks Trade Network

A Smarter Way To Do Business